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Choice Medical Billing Service signifies a lucrative business working extensively with providers to increase their patient and insurance reimbursements as well as the efficiency and accuracy in which these medical billing payments are made. "Choice" implements a cost effective solution that would be significant to your medical practice. Our medical billing services range from electronic claims submission only to full practice management including A/R recovery.

Owning a business:

  • We want to make the right "choices"
  • Give and receive quality service
  • Searching avenues to save time and money
  • The key elements:

  • Reducing overhead costs
  • Improving cash flow
  • Increase revenues
  • These factors make for a surviving, profitable, successful business.
    Here at choice medical billing service we will accommodate to enhance the financial performance of your medical practice..Only pay billing revenues collected nothing more!

    It's very important that clients feel secure and confident with our medical billing services. We offer a "NO RISK OBLIGATION" policy, which is beneficial for both parties involved.


    Choice Medical Billing Service provides a cost effective solution for healthcare professionals nationwide. We stand on professionalism, efficiency and accuracy.
    Our medical billing service focus is open to a wide range of specialties, with a variety of services to meet your individual needs.


    AHIMA "American Health Information Management Association"
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     MAB "Medical Association of Billers"


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